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A Baptism of fire

Cornish Crime Series Book 5

At fourteen, Kit Retallick sets fire to the family farm, killing his mother, stepfather and seventeen-year-old sister. Or so the jury decided. Fifteen years later, he returns home to Cornwall, committed to proving his innocence, and hires lawyer Eden Gray to help him.

Eden is unnerved by the disfiguring scars marring the young man’s face and the storming chaos in his head. She is sceptical, knowing it will be an uphill battle, but finds discrepancies in the evidence deserving further investigation. She’s prepared to ruffle official feathers and risk friendship, but what she’s not prepared for is two new murders committed on the night of his return.

If not for the tenacious efforts of her investigator, Ross Trenear, an ex-policeman with a lot to prove, she would throw in the towel. As he picks away at the scab of deceit, he finds plenty of suspects along with prejudice and denial in the tight-lipped rural community. He convinces Eden to stick with the case and they uncover the truth.

Can Eden help Kit escape his history and find justice or is he beyond saving?

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