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After training as a lawyer in Cardiff, Julie returned to her native Cornwall to establish her own law firm and to raise her three children. After years building a successful legal practice it was time for a new adventure and she decided to write the stories she had formulated in her head over the years about her community and the lives of those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law.


‘I have always been fascinated by the schizophrenic character of the windswept peninsula my family has been lucky enough to call home for generations. Occupied by a cast of reluctant bedfellows; city-slick escapees and us locals who carry the remnants of our myth-ridden history etched on our backs like tattoos it teeters between the bucket and spade domesticity of modern-day tourism and a superstitious past, riddled with Pagan traditions. The resultant clash of cultures and sensibilities causes friction, resentment and drama. My aim, through my writing is to explore what happens when these divergent worlds collide to expose a darker reality at odds with the picture-perfect landscape. Whilst I was lucky to enjoy a fantastically satisfying career as a lawyer I cannot now imagine anything more joyous than being able to sit at my desk and write knowing others might read and connect with my words. Cornwall has captured the hearts and imagination of countless wonderful writers through the decades; their vivid images now woven into its rich tapestry. If I can add one colourful stitch I will be happy.’


Julie has written three rime thrillers in her Cornish Crime Series. RAGE, 

A SISTERHOOD OF SILENCE & THE BITTER FRUIT BENEATH.  Book 4 in the series A BAPTISM OF FIRE is due to be released later this year. 

If you would like to read more about her, her books and the people and places she writes about, CLICK HERE where you will be given the opportunity to join her readers and receive free downloads only available to members. 

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