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The bitter fruit beneath

Cornish Crime Series Book 3
ISBN: 979-8532863149

When a baby’s body is found buried in a ‘witch pit’ at an archaeological site in Cornwall lawyer Eden Gray defends the teenage surrogate charged with Manslaughter. Eden likes a challenge but prejudice, superstition and a client who twists the truth, pushes her to her limits as she finds herself at the centre of modern-day witch hunt. Alienated from her other clients and ostracised by the small town she grew up in she risks all to find the truth.

Burnt out and disillusioned following a messy divorce and a career defending the very worst type of criminal, Eden Gray escapes the city and moves back home to her beloved Cornwall to start her own law firm. Though money is tight, she begins to think life is sorted until she is railroaded into defending teenage surrogate Rowan Lutey, charged with the Manslaughter of a baby found buried in a ‘witch pit;’ one of a number of ancient pits filled with fertility offerings discovered by archaeologists at a site close to the Lutey farm. 

With the discovery of the baby the family is plunged into a shadowy past full of secrets and face personal attacks fueled by fear and superstition as the baby's discovery sparks a media frenzy. 

Abandoned as an infant; Eden’s feelings about her birth mother are unleashed as the site’s shadowy history is revealed.

As she risks her life to unravel the mystery and protect others from a manipulative and deranged killer, she discovers the truth about her client, her own abandonment and an inner strength she never imagined she possessed.

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