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A sisterhood of Silence

Cornish Crime Series Book 2

Vigilante  Justice in a Cornish Seaside Town


Jem Fielding is a pimp and drug lord who counts blackmail and violence as part of his repertoire. But when he abducts mute teenager, Carly Taylor, and attempts to bury her alive, he risks the wrath of a small Cornish town.

Carly survives but is damaged by her ordeal. She undergoes a disturbing psychological metamorphosis. As her psychosis grows she  turns her back on those she loves; dedicating herself, to Fielding’s destruction. 

She is not alone. 

Other women out there have cause to hate Fielding.  

His abused wife Josie, has found love with another woman but knows he will kill her if he discovers her secret and Kerenza Martin’s ex-husband, a policeman has been trapped in a cycle of blackmail and corruption jeopardizing her family’s safety. 

If they try to fight Fielding alone, they will lose. 

If the women join forces, take a stand and discover the power of Sisterhood, they might win but at what cost?

A Sisterhood of Silence Trailer
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